Martelli Europe offers a wide range of services of industrial painting and washing of customised textile products, enjoying a good reputation among the companies operating in its field of activity. Our priority is to always support our customers professionally, providing the best expertise, prompt responses and competitive prices.
Operating over more than 47000 square metres, more than 700 employees, the expertise, constant training, the just-in-time delivery and our excellent services allow us to work for the most renown brands. The significant and flexible production capacity leads us to forging tailored detail oriented processes for all clients and their specific needs, customising our services in order to meet and even exceed our collaborators’ requirements and expectations.
Developing long term partnerships is one of our main goal, trust constituting the cornerstone of each partnership.




Martelli Europe has been operating in the textile finishing services (garment dyeing, washing, ironing, treatments , cuttings and more recently sewing and products tailoring), by offering industrial processes increasingly more frequently requested that led it to becoming the market leader. New and always surprising effects, as requested by the clients in the fashion world of pret- a –porter and sportswear.
Vibrant colors and effects, creativity but also professionalism, reliability and services at the highest levels.





Between 2001 and 2014, the company has grown a lot and has been able to successfully face moments of booming and moments of market downturn, as it happens in clothing industry and fashion. In all these steps the company has managed to maintain a profit and to ensure high standards for its employees. At the same time, customers appreciate the level of service quality, based on ongoing improvement.
After 15 years, MARTELLI EUROPE is a leader on the European market of dry cleaners, industrial washing and garments finishing.




Not only sportswear and casual, but also formal garments are treated today with special methods at Martelli Europe.

In fact, there are evermore fewer differences between formal and casual clothing. Very big brand houses became loyal clients and hundreds of partnerships grew and consolidated year after year.





The social phenomena, such as cinema or the style of famous singers, constantly influence the fashion industry, which is subject to rapid changes. We are aware of this fact and constantly work out proposals to continually meet customers’ demand, recommending the best solution in selecting their final style.

Our prototype department works both following customers’ instructions and autonomously creating new models to propose to our clients. Research is constantly carried out. We offer personalized services, ensuring secrecy, especially in the development and prototype phases.

When the style is defined, it is crucial to find the best way to industrialize the process, which means to assure the accuracy of details, as agreed with the customer. All this happens trying to simplify, if possible, the logistics and the production chain.

Experience, technology, quality of investments and workers’ skills are key factors in our field, where there is no room for improvisation.




Certification. Since 2006 we have implemented and certified at S.C. MARTELLI Europe S.R.L. the QHSE Management System in compliance with ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 international standards.
QHSE Management System, which was developed at our company, was defined in such a manner that it can be continuously used and improved.


We bring beauty, uniqueness and big value to your collection!